Remembering Daddy

IMAG0019 Today would be my daddy’s birthday. This picture of him was taken on Easter Sunday, 1954. It seems a good choice to use in this post, since this is Easter weekend. My brother was not born yet, but this is my sister and me (I am the little one) ready for church with daddy all dressed up in his suit. Isn’t he handsome! (Even with the wind kicking up his hair)

Today daddy would be 91 years old…in earth years. When is your birthday in heaven? If it is the day you die, then he would only be almost 12. It doesn’t matter to me. He was my daddy. I miss him. I love him and always will. There are great men in my life, my wonderful husband and a son that I am so proud of. My grandson is growing into a kind and caring young man. No one, though, can fill the void left by the passing of my dad. I know he is with me and I still talk to him…sometimes I still reach for the phone to give him a call!

I hope heaven is just what you hoped for, daddy. I love you still.  Happy Birthday!

7 thoughts on “Remembering Daddy

  1. Remembering mine, as well. He was such a loving, generous and very wise man. How lucky I was that my mom married him. He was not my birth father, but he was my Daddy.

    Thank you for giving us this moment of remembrance.

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  2. I feel exactly the same way about my dad, I have a picture very similar to this one of me and my dad in 1954! My father was the finest man I have ever know, not perfect but he loved unconditionally , such a wonderful thing, I too will miss him always, but we will all meet again and I have a lot to tell him!! lovey piece of writing, thank you for posting. you have such a talent with words!


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