It is not too late – SPECIAL OFFERS

If you live in the US or Canada…and not sure where else, it is not too late to order a handmade gift for your mother, as May 10th is Mother’s Day.

My Etsy shop offers small tokens or love that say mom, or don’t. I especially like the little “Just a Thought” pillows that are a message she can see all the time and add a sweet little reminder and touch anywhere she might want to place them.

mom asst  mom asst3

If you are interested, just until May 3 (through the upcoming weekend) I am offering two discount codes you may use at checkout:

3GETSFREESHIP – free shipping for US orders on purchase of three items

FANDFAM – 40% off your purchase…you are all my friends and family!!!!

There are plenty of other items to choose too…bags, bowls, home décor, jewelry, purses…

IMG_0684-0 bowl asst

IMG_8756  20150220_111813

feel free to take a look!

One little bird


That one little bird is me. Looking out on the sea of blog posts awaiting me. I have been trying to catch up with all my blogging friends’ posts. I just can’t get it done and if you know me, that feels really bad! I feel a connection to you and don’t want to miss a thing…I just find for every one I read there are at least three more new ones and I am about 12 days behind. So, I have decided to stop with the past and get on with the now. If there are some apparent tidbits that I have missed that make the now hard to understand, then I will backtrack. 

Happy blogging!


Hi all my blogosphere friends! I am trying to read, but not getting it done. I will have so much to catch up on when I return from a visit to see my sister! Savannah, GA is beautiful and we are having a ball!


I have not seen my sister in almost 2 years!

Some time back I wrote this poem about rivers and it really made me think of our lives and how we start from something so small and change over the course of our lives. I dedicate this to my sister again today.

river with picture

I am so excited to be seeing her tomorrow! We have lots of catching up to do…sister time. And I get to see her kids and grands, as well as Savannah, Georgia, which I hear is a wonderful place! Yippee!

I was surprised to be nominated for the Real Neat Blog award!


Gail at snapshotsincursive was kind enough to select me for this award. Her posts inspire me with her pictures, insights, recipes and so much more. Check her blog out!

Though it is not a requirement to accept the nomination, who wouldn’t want to pay it forward?! (Sounds great, so I copied that from Gail too!)

These are the rules:

1. Put the award logo on your blog.

2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

3. Thank the person who nominated you, linking to their blog.

4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.

5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)


Most of these awards require you to select your own questions, after answering those posed to you, but Gail did not ask more, so I will answer the following questions that she answered:

1. Where do most visits to your blog come from?

Top are US, UK, Canada. From there, it is really interesting to see where my blog has travelled – I am global! That is not the same as viral!

2. What is your favorite sport?

Not terribly athletic here, but I am currently enjoying Pickleball….do you know what that is?

3. What has been a special moment for you in 2015? (changed this to 2015)

There were several moments, but certainly so far, spending time with my family who doesn’t live close.

4. What is your favorite quote?

“Be still and know”

5. What was your favorite class when still at school?

Hmmm….Home Economics (I don’t think they have it any more) or French

6. Anything you wished to have learned earlier?

You have to take care of yourself in order to take care of others.

7. What musical instrument have you tried to play?

I play the piano…not very often any more…have not tried much else…I would like to play a Native American Flute. Oh, and I do play the Native American Ceremonial Drum I made.

And now, my Nominees for the “Real Neat Blog Award”…I based this on a few things. I must enjoy the blog. The blogger need not be prolific, but regular, in posting. I want to say, also, that there are many others. This is not easy, or maybe I take it too seriously. Maybe there will be another set of awards coming out from Facetfully. So here they are:

Mumma Plus Three

Izzy Grabs Life

Dream Make Repeat

Earth Zen Mama

Sabrina’s Road To…

Go forth and inspire!

Welcome Summer With This Fun Treat

Reblogging for folks with kids who might be looking for a summer flick…


liam_james_in_the_way_way_back-1920x1080I try to be selective with the movies I recommend on this blog, but as I type this the end credits are rolling on one that just took me by complete surprise. I watched it because it was a serious roll for one of my favorites, Steve Carrell, AKA Michael Scott.

The Way Way Back is a coming-of-age story about a boy who’s just trying to make it through his fourteenth summer without his self-image dissipating any more than it has already.

It’s got the feel of 500 Days of Summer, and is full of 100% awesomeness. Plus, it’s got a great soundtrack to boot. I’ll be revising this movie every summer, as it is a good reminder that we can, in fact, change the things around us if we just step outside of our comfort zones.

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