Spring Has Sprung

Tulip Art

Spring is here!

Now that spring has arrived, we have more and more opportunities to sneak beneficial activities into our day, and you don’t have to be a super-athlete. In some areas, it may seem like we are not there yet, but you can still start taking these ideas to heart.

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  • Vitamin D – This past winter many more people have been diagnosed with low levels of Vitamin D. Guess what? SUNSHINE gives off natural Vitamin D. Yes, use common sense about exposure, but remember to get a few minutes of sunlight every day.


  • Exercise – It’s time to start moving more of your body than the fingers needed to text, press the buttons on the remote or play video games. While you take a walk around the block, you get exercise AND sunshine on a nice day. Targeting 30 minutes of movement a day, you can break that up into 10 minute segments. As you gain stamina and see how much you enjoy it, you will naturally want to increase your time.

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  • Endorphins – So, while you are getting that exercise, you are generating endorphins that actually improve your mood. OK, maybe you don’t really want to be taking a walk, but make yourself and if you persist for just a bit, you will feel the benefits and then you will want to do it more often.


  • Buddy-system – All of us need to make these changes so grab a buddy and double the good thing; a spouse, neighbor, child, whomever. The added benefit…improved relationships as you get better acquainted and share more when not in front of the TV or some other place where you don’t talk.


  •  Dance – We have all heard it said, “Dance like no one is watching!” It is another form of exercise and it doesn’t take a lot of it to feel better. Added benefit…the music will lift your spirits as you dance and you might just laugh or smile.

May 2007 Ballooning over Madras 145a1

  • Smile – Now there is a concept. Smiling is contagious and your smile can bring a smile to the next person’s face. Yes, it takes fewer muscles to smile than frown, but this isn’t about burning calories. This is about joy…and spreading it around.

So there you have it…some spring ideas to get off your duff and see some change; change in your attitude, body and overall health. What could be better? I dare you!

(Images copyright Valorie Webster)

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