It’s All About the Family

KC trip Puzzle

I have been absent from Blogs, Internet and most everything that does not have to do with family until this week! I don’t get to see the family back in the mid-west that often, so I take advantage of all I can get when I am there!

Family is all about the love and the sharing, the fun and the support. I was blessed with all of that last week. Sure, I could always take more time, but I will be thankful for what I get.

Above is a little puzzle I put together about family. Some of the clues fit my family, but I think they fit lots of families really. If you like to play word games, give it a try. The note says it is an excel file and you can check your answers by changing the font color. I don’t think that will happen here, but maybe it will be fun anyway! (The letters are there, just very faint!)

For some hints, the things that family means to me – next to the things noted above – lots of kidding around and laughing, sharing what is going on in everyone’s life, singing, playing, sports, so much food…what does family mean to you?

Now I must get back to my routines. Had a sale on Etsy while I was gone, so I need to get that packed up and shipped off too! And it feels like spring is coming, especially with DST now…so much to do!

Here’s to happiness!

2 thoughts on “It’s All About the Family

  1. Good for you for making time for family. Family is so important to me – it is a great source of support and fun. When we all get together, we talk about topics that matter, and we also wind up laughing until our stomachs hurt. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  2. There is nothing like a sale to give our creativity a boost! Sounds as if you have the balance right – I try and balance real life and web life but now and then I get sucked in to pinterest or such and the hours fly.

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