Love Is In The Air

IMG_20150202_130216  It is that time of year…

Blogs abound yesterday and today about the Super Bowl, of course, and L-O-V-E. It seems that it hurts us and heals us. It lifts us up as high as a kite and puts us all the way to the bottom of the dumps. The word is overused, for sure!

What does love mean to you? Can you receive love without giving it? Can you give love without receiving it? Do we spend too much time loving things instead of loving people? Good food for thought.

Today I just want to plant the seed of love. May I be one who scatters those seeds around my little corner of the world. Of course, I hope to reap what I sow, but I believe it starts with the planting.

So, here’s to a garden of love…in all the ways it can grow! When we are angry, but love anyway. When we are hurt, but love anyway. When we are alone, but love anyway. And on and on it goes. Let’s all get out there and plant love and if it grows in so many corners of the world, it will certainly have a positive result with everyone.

I am sure we will hear more on the subject during February, but for now…get out the watering can…here’s to love!