I hope everyone has had a great Sunday! I am choosing to write about choices today. Life is full of them and I have heard it said that “choices are the hardest part of life”.

If you think this is going to be deep and extremely thought-provoking, then you might want to stop now. It is a bit of a rant…at myself…and I think I have posted a relative to this subject recently. I just don’t seem to have enough time!

At any rate, I am somewhat astounded by the pleasure I am finding in this thing called blogging. The choice of blogs to follow…great content, humor, tutorials, inspiration…is vast. I could actually read blogs for hours a day and then if I comment, more time passes! We all want comments, right? So I must be neighborly and comment, right?

Seriously, my choice is to try to balance all the things I have to do…some work, exercise, cook, take care of myself, be a friend, be a wife, manage my Etsy shop, follow Facebook, blog, read blogs, craft, oh yes – and get some sleep…all things I want to do! So, I have to make a choice today to write a blog…on one of many subjects that go through this multi-faceted brain of mine! My choice is to write about the ceremonial drum I made earlier this year…


She is lovely and sounds wonderful too. This morning I discovered that I can even play with my hands and fingers. I belong to a women’s drumming group that meets once a month. This was the inspiration for making the drum, as I always had to borrow one.

This drum is made from horse hide and has a beautiful pattern and color. Here it is held up to the light…


I originally thought it would be a very personal experience to have my own drum. Even though the group is wonderful, I imagined drumming alone, just me and Spirit communicating in a tubular fashion. As with many things I make, I prayed over the process and during the making of the drum and I asked for guidance. What I discovered is that it is totally a drum to be shared! Yes, I do enjoy drumming on my own, but the sense of community when many join together is great! The drumming circle has up to 30+ women show up with all types of native drums, percussion instruments and beautiful voices. We shake the world! Then there is a more intimate circle of only 4 that I belong to, as well. I made a pretty bag that fits the drum perfectly, so I can carry her out and about too.


I have always been musical…a musical family…and my two children are extremely talented! This experience has been the most fun and inspiring though! It is joyful and uplifting! It is spiritual!

So, do you enjoy music? Do you play an instrument? Does it inspire you?

My next blogging choice could be about anything! Aren’t we fortunate to be free to have choice!?!?

Until next time we meet…on your blog or mine!


4 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Wonderful! I love how you imbue the drum itself with a spirit! I have never had any talent for music on any instrument. However, I love to sing! This is not to say I have any talent in that regard, but singing does make my spirit soar!

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  2. I kept a time log once, noting down what I was doing and it was quite a revelation! I believe having enough time is a bit of a myth – when I was teaching I had a long list of things I wanted to do over the summer break and surprisingly I used to cram them all in the last week – because I had so much time I just kept on putting things off. That is why they say give a task to a busy person!

    I believe you make time for what is important to you; it sounds as if drumming gives you real pleasure in your life – I belong to a women’s circle and its always a powerful thing when we come together so I can imagine drumming together would be tremendous.

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