Quick Follow-Up to Craft Day

IMG_0684-0It was so much fun, as always, spending time with my muse friend and painting fabrics!

Here is just a sneak peek at phase one of some of the items. Next step will be lettering…or not…and then sewing up some cute market bags! More to come, in case you are watching.

It is CRAFT DAY…Yay!

It is Tuesday and it is Craft Day! I try to craft every day, but getting together with someone who shares my passion and inspires me is so much fun!

Today I will be painting, in preparation for making bags. That seems to be my two favorite things lately…painting and making bags!

watercolor birch   20150220_111813

Above are two pics…one of more recent art…this technique might work on bags; one of a recent bag…no art on it, but made from recycled fabrics.

Hope you are doing something you love today too!


I hope everyone has had a great Sunday! I am choosing to write about choices today. Life is full of them and I have heard it said that “choices are the hardest part of life”.

If you think this is going to be deep and extremely thought-provoking, then you might want to stop now. It is a bit of a rant…at myself…and I think I have posted a relative to this subject recently. I just don’t seem to have enough time!

At any rate, I am somewhat astounded by the pleasure I am finding in this thing called blogging. The choice of blogs to follow…great content, humor, tutorials, inspiration…is vast. I could actually read blogs for hours a day and then if I comment, more time passes! We all want comments, right? So I must be neighborly and comment, right?

Seriously, my choice is to try to balance all the things I have to do…some work, exercise, cook, take care of myself, be a friend, be a wife, manage my Etsy shop, follow Facebook, blog, read blogs, craft, oh yes – and get some sleep…all things I want to do! So, I have to make a choice today to write a blog…on one of many subjects that go through this multi-faceted brain of mine! My choice is to write about the ceremonial drum I made earlier this year…


She is lovely and sounds wonderful too. This morning I discovered that I can even play with my hands and fingers. I belong to a women’s drumming group that meets once a month. This was the inspiration for making the drum, as I always had to borrow one.

This drum is made from horse hide and has a beautiful pattern and color. Here it is held up to the light…


I originally thought it would be a very personal experience to have my own drum. Even though the group is wonderful, I imagined drumming alone, just me and Spirit communicating in a tubular fashion. As with many things I make, I prayed over the process and during the making of the drum and I asked for guidance. What I discovered is that it is totally a drum to be shared! Yes, I do enjoy drumming on my own, but the sense of community when many join together is great! The drumming circle has up to 30+ women show up with all types of native drums, percussion instruments and beautiful voices. We shake the world! Then there is a more intimate circle of only 4 that I belong to, as well. I made a pretty bag that fits the drum perfectly, so I can carry her out and about too.


I have always been musical…a musical family…and my two children are extremely talented! This experience has been the most fun and inspiring though! It is joyful and uplifting! It is spiritual!

So, do you enjoy music? Do you play an instrument? Does it inspire you?

My next blogging choice could be about anything! Aren’t we fortunate to be free to have choice!?!?

Until next time we meet…on your blog or mine!


Friday Thoughts

No pictures with this blog…just some quick jots about things that I think about sometimes:

1. Gravatar – I don’t get it and when I click on someone’s blog name that takes me there I get frustrated. Why Gravatar? Yes, you are correct, I am obviously not that computer savvy!
2. Reading blogs I follow – I am actually really enjoying this! However, it is another time suck. I am hooked though! With some blogs it seems I am more like a “lurker”, but I feel connected in some way to my fellow bloggers and appreciate the shares, whether spiritual, personal, fun, crafty…whatever! It is like community, but if my list gets much longer I will have to live in front of my screen! I hope not really!
3. Life is truly a blessing! I feel like it has been a long journey of many lives in this one lifetime. I am grateful!

Ok…I feel better now. I am off to other things! Make it a great day and weekend!

Warmer Snow

I found this to be haunting, but excellent writing. Be sure to share the warmth in your heart…all you have to do is find it first!

Beautiful Life with Cancer

The weatherman was always wrong. Why couldn’t he have been wrong this time? The woman did her best to snuggle her knees to her chest and pull her body back under the overhang. The concrete stair she laid upon was frozen. Paused for eternity, this frozen night lingered for all of eternity. Her layers of thin clothes did not begin to warm her body. She rested her head on a cardboard box taken from beside the dumpster. She sought the refuge of sleep but her toes and hands and cheeks kept protesting the cold.

She remembered it. Focusing on it’s memory, hoping it would bring her some warmth. She must have been eleven years old. Her body in the warm house in clean but hand me down jammies. Skittle too old to sleep in her parent’s bed, still she tiptoed into her parents’ room…the door squeaked as she cracked it…

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Time Travels First Class on a Jet Plane

I thought this blog post hit the nail on the head!

Beautiful Life with Cancer

You could say I’m never satisfied. Maybe that is a good thing? Perhaps that is how things improve?

I love my home. I really really do, but there is always something that I want to change. The playroom should be painted yellow, not tan. I wish there was more overhead lighting in the living room. This spring, I plan to plant a small vegetable garden in a raised bed. I would like a new coffee table. The list continues and it never ends.

It takes time. It takes a certain number of birthdays and Christmases and time gone by.

But that’s the thing, time gone by.

I look back at 20 year old Caroline. Single. Not a mother. Did not have a clue about hosting a family for dinner, did not yet appreciate American History, or even coffee. Who in the hell was that girl?! Not me!

A wise man…

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Ok folks…call it shameless if you want but it is just advertising which I need to do occasionally. Sale time in my Etsy shop for one week only. 30% off all items with code “LOVEYOUSTILL“!!!

tiny heart

Enter the code where asked for an automatic deduction.

Love never goes out of style, nor does giving gifts to others or yourself! Many items are up-cycled, recycled or otherwise eco-friendly.

New items will be coming up as spring approaches!

Liebster Award!


I was quite amazed and appreciative when CateCrafts nominated me for the Liebster Award! So here I am, accepting and nominating more. This is appropriate, as it is about loving other blogs and bloggers, so fits the love month theme!

The rules are:

-Add the Liebster Award logo in your next post.

-In that post, link the person who nominated you.

-Answer the 10 questions that the nominator asked and come up with your own questions for your nominees.

-Nominate 5-10 blogs with less than 200 followers and link them. Let them know you nominated them!

My ten questions from CateCrafts:

  1. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Chicken! I love sweets, but if I had to survive, I’d better have something that will help me do that. Chicken is so versatile! I am not much of a meat eater but chicken…yes! Cluck cluck!

  1. What is your favorite quote?

“Jump and the net will come.” – Julia Cameron

  1. What is your favorite song/band?

This one is tough! I enjoy almost all music, can sing along with so many songs, but can’t often tell you the name of the song or the band! Both my children are musicians, but I can’t pick just one of them! I have probably been singing “It Is Well With My Soul” the most of late. Hmmmmm….I just can’t answer this one!

4. Who is the person that inspires you most?

The first person that came to mind…Dali Lama. All kinds of things inspire me and it depends on the area or subject matter. Spiritually, we have so many people to respect. Who would not want to be like Jesus? As an artist, there are so many creators that make beautiful things. My children have proven themselves to be great people! My husband is so encouraging and supportive and inspires me to be all that I can be. My friends, my family, scientists…There is so much inspiration in this world!

5. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Doing this exercise, I think I should focus my interests, but I don’t want to get bored! I think I would be to be free of guilt. I work on this, but it rears its ugly head on occasion. It also serves no purpose, as we can’t go back and tomorrow may not come. I hope/trust I have learned things and move ahead!

6. If you could tell your ten years ago self something that you know today what would it be?

This day, this time, right now is all we have!

7.What is something you do that drives your spouse or friends crazy?

My husband hates that I fall asleep in front of the tv.

  1. What is the best advice you have received?

Love with all your heart.

  1. If someone gave you 1 million dollars what would you do with it?

See the world and share that with my kids.

  1. What is your favorite TV show?

We watch some of the night-time serials, but I can’t say they are particularly enlightening…Gray’s Anatomy, The Americans, Nashville, House of Cards. I almost never even turn on the tv when I am alone.

OK…so now I get to ask the questions!

1. Why do you blog?

2. Where do you call home?

3. If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?

4. What is your favorite pastime?

5. How much room does the heart have to love?

6. What inspires you the most?

7. How would you want to spend a totally free day?

8. If you could go anywhere, where would you go first?

9. Would you change your life?

10. How do you feel about being nominated for this award?

I nominate the following blogs:

1. mummaplusthree

2. toldbyginger

3. ceceliaintherain

4. pot8o

5. theygrowuptoofast

6. quiltingmedusa

7. tickledinnyc

Here is my confession (NOT part of the requirements)…as a new blogger myself, I had to search for blogs to nominate, because they need to have under 200 followers. What I have decided is that there are many inspiring blogs out there. I can always create a new award nomination list, once I have collected more! Oh, and it really frustrates me that I can’t get this blog to format correctly!

Here’s to the blogosphere!

The great Dahlia mystery

I asked for permission to reblog this as part of the love theme for February. I think it says love on so many levels. What do you think?

Just dabbling...

It’s a long weekend here in New Zealand and after a weekend of doing various things I need to get into the garden and tidy up.  The weeds are growing – drought or no, they don’t seem to care!

The garden is a bit of a mess at the moment, it’s just been so busy at work and it’s almost been too hot to garden, so apart from a touch of weeding here and there and watering the vegetables and strawberries daily, it has been neglected.  Amongst the weeds though, I have a little magic in my garden.

You see I inherited this garden and it was all very civilised.  Mum had a beautiful garden, she had roses, she had carnations, she had various pretty perennials, she has the azaleas and camellias.  But never a Dahlia.  She liked them, but not enough to plant.  When I first went flatting my…

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A Great Love Story

Continuing on the theme of love, I want to share a story that has recently been published in book form.

No Enemy of Mine: The Story of a German War Bride

10366065_801677536563560_8420195574501413235_nThe book was the result of long and arduous work by Montage BioGraphics  owner and writer, Terri Potts. She spent hundreds of hours interviewing, coaxing and holding the hand of Gerda McMillan as she remembered and they documented a love story that is wrapped up in the history of a brutal war time. Love prevailed! How wonderful is that?

The Columbian Newspaper sent a reporter to talk to Gerda and Terri. He did a wonderful job of creating a video along with the article he was to write.

Links below take you to view both:


Why is it important to tell these stories? For one reason, to remember that beauty can come out of the most ugly situations. Also, each of us has a story to tell and we only get so much time to tell it. Maybe it does not seem important, but there are so many instances where your child, your grand-child, your relative or someone you can’t even think of now will want to know more about you. How did you live, why did you love, where did you come from, what was the rest of the story?

To hold on, to persevere in spite of all odds, to be happy – such inspiration comes in many forms. I am grateful for the book and suggest you might want to read it yourself.

While you are thinking about this story, take a few moments and consider who you love and be sure to tell them. Don’t tell them just because it is the month of love, February. Tell them because love makes the world go round and love is why we are here!

With love…