Dream Pot

dream pot 1

Is this not just the most beautiful little thing???

This pot is my favorite Christmas gift from 2014. Not only is it beautiful, but I can put anything I want inside it!

The maker of this Raku pot is Jeremy Diller and he calls them Dream Catcher Jars.

This is what he says about them.

dream pot tag

This jar is AMAZING! It is bottomless!  Just look…you can’t see the bottom…dream pot 2 That means I can fill it and fill it and it will never overflow. I can put all my hopes and dreams for 2015 in it, every day of every week or every moment of every day for the whole year. This is what my friend who gifted it to me suggested. That is my plan.

Do you have a container like this? It doesn’t have to be this big…or small…or beautiful. What you fill it with will be wonderful. I do suggest that you have a container. You can hold these dreams in your heart or mind, but the container will help remind you…put it in a place where you will see it regularly.

Now, another way you can use a container is for all the things you want to put away and forget, but why keep these at all? Burn them up!!! Let them go!!!

Feel free to share what you do to store your wishes and hopes…and happy dreaming!


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