E A T :: Ginger preserves

I just love the way Kelly describes winter in her blog! And I am going to try the recipe too! Thanks, Kelly!

dream make repeat

There is something delicious about a long streak of cold weather. I know some of you are groaning as you read this, but hear me out. I struggle, too, with day after day of January cold, but sometimes, the cold is beautiful. The January air often stings as you breathe it, but it makes you feel alive. Every cell in your body is at attention, every star in the sky seems to burn clearer and brighter, and it exposes the raw nerves of longing inside of us, causing us to draw inward.

At no other time of year does the earth cause us to curl up, to grip our tea and coffee mugs, to snuggle in deep. We crave warm foods and warm conversation. We burrow into our coats and wrap up in scarves and mittens. And through those acts, we realize our vulnerability. In winter, we cannot deny our…

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