I am blessed with many friends. This week, I received a little gift from a friend…my crafting buddy and muse…

needles from Jude  Check her out.

It is a felt book to hold needles. It has a few pages and a great note, as you can see.

I also had a great Reiki session yesterday with another friend…a gift from a master.

Bend Reiki Logo Katlin Friedman at Bend Reiki Clinic

What this reminds me of today is how great it is to have friends and this little poem came to me:

Friends aren’t there to hold your hand…but they do!

Friends aren’t there to dry your tears…but they do!

Friends aren’t there to listen to you…but they do!

Friends aren’t there to give you gifts…but they do!

Friends are your best asset ever…but especially because with friends…


Happy friending!

Jars, Junk or Just Great?

IMG_0658This is an empty jar!  It is a very nice jar though. Bet you expected me to say it was full of something. It was a candle, which I actually bought because of the jar. (I really didn’t like the candle wick…one of those wood wicks that is supposed to sound like a real fire…I digress, that is another story.)

I think this jar with the wooden lid is just waiting for some exciting contents to start filling it up! Now, some would say that saving jars is ridiculous and that filling them is even worse…maybe close to hoarding. I, on the other hand, say “phooey” to them!

button jarThis jar holds buttons. I thought this was quite a cool jar too, so I saved it, of course. You can see that the top is sitting ajar (no pun intended), as it is full, so maybe the empty jar will hold more buttons. Probably not.

cork jarThis rescued jar (also a candle jar) holds wine corks…for now. These are just from this month and this baby is almost full, so the corks will be moving to some BIG jar I am on the lookout to find. And no, I am not a wino!!!

So, why save jars and fill them up? Well, one reason is just to recycle. We need to be kind to our planet! Another reason is because they look so neat when filled and could be décor pieces that speak to your interests. Then there is the fact that I am a crafter and keep all kinds of stuff that I MIGHT want to use later. (I often times do use that stuff too!)

So, the next time you think about getting rid of an empty jar, think of me. Or better yet, think of some cool thing you could use it for…shells, matches, bottle caps, yarn scraps, rocks, screws, nuts, bolts, the possibilities are endless!

And one last little thought…you know another thing that makes me really happy when I find a jar I love? A manufacturer that uses labels that peel off easily! (Maybe that will be another post too…how to get those pesky labels off.)

Happy collecting…jars, junk or just great stuff!!! Thanks for listening to my ramblings. What do you think?

Today’s Word

UNITY…   unity

Today I am thinking about the word UNITY. Webster defines it as a noun and the simple definitions listed are:

1. the state of being in full agreement


2. a way of combining the parts in a work of art or literature so that they seem to belong together

Hmmmm….I like both of those and they fit me well.

1. Full agreement is certainly not likely to happen in most situations, but it sure appeals to me. Mostly I wish we could simply agree to disagree and call that unity. Why does everyone think others must feel the say way they do? How boring that would be!

2. If you look at my blog or my Facebook page or my Etsy shop, you know I love creating things, so the second definition really works for me too. Did you know that I also like to write? It is not always evident in my blog, because I just let the words go, for the most part, and write about all kinds of things. However, I have written for a few magazines and also put together a book for women titled, Grace and The Female Art of Aging. (Maybe more on that in another blog.)

Basically, the word means many things to many people and I would like for all of us to think on the subject today. How can I create more unity in my world? If each one of us tries to achieve that little goal, won’t the world be a much better place everywhere? I think so! What do you think?

Just a Thought

IMG_8709Have I mentioned that I love to make things? These are so much fun!

Yesterday I posted about the new “naturals” that I am making as pillows and that they are available in my Etsy shop – FACETFULLY.

Today I am excited about these new additions to that group. I call them “Just a Thought” pillows, as they can say anything. They are small, little message pillows, measuring about 8″ to 12″ wide, depending on the style/sayings. I have posted some that apply to Valentine’s Day, but when is love ever not appropriate? I can think of tons more to make, so be watching. They are great around the little nooks and crannies of your home and just make you smile! I will also happily make these in custom designs. Please go over and take a look and note this too…they are not expensive at all AND I have created a coupon – if you buy 3, you get FREE shipping! Use the code 3GETSFREESHIP…it is that simple.

Thanks and remember…your thoughts and words count!!!

Soft and Cuddly Words

IMG_8677Nothing says “cuddle up” like a soft pillow! Well, maybe a sweet, loving person, but that is another blog post!!!

Expressing ourselves in our homes is what we all do via our choice of home décor. These pillows are made from 100% natural cotton (actually up-cycled from new painter’s drop cloths). They have been washed and washed to be soft and you can fill them to be squishy or full.

Nothing tells what is important to you more than the words of love, family, his/hers and more. Why not have some created to your own specs with your words and colors?


Dream Pot

dream pot 1

Is this not just the most beautiful little thing???

This pot is my favorite Christmas gift from 2014. Not only is it beautiful, but I can put anything I want inside it!

The maker of this Raku pot is Jeremy Diller and he calls them Dream Catcher Jars.

This is what he says about them.

dream pot tag

This jar is AMAZING! It is bottomless!  Just look…you can’t see the bottom…dream pot 2 That means I can fill it and fill it and it will never overflow. I can put all my hopes and dreams for 2015 in it, every day of every week or every moment of every day for the whole year. This is what my friend who gifted it to me suggested. That is my plan.

Do you have a container like this? It doesn’t have to be this big…or small…or beautiful. What you fill it with will be wonderful. I do suggest that you have a container. You can hold these dreams in your heart or mind, but the container will help remind you…put it in a place where you will see it regularly.

Now, another way you can use a container is for all the things you want to put away and forget, but why keep these at all? Burn them up!!! Let them go!!!

Feel free to share what you do to store your wishes and hopes…and happy dreaming!




Today’s word is from….Catchpenny. Thinking of this in terms of Etsy store items. Hmmm? Is this what it takes to sell? I am not sure.

Then, I wondered about other ways to use this word. A line on the website page made me think of prostitutes…not very inspiring…sad actually. Especially with a picture that looks so fun and cheery!

The English language is fascinating and there are loads of words that most of us never use. I think this one sounds actually English, as in from England. Just a little tidbit today, which doesn’t have much value in itself!

E A T :: Ginger preserves

I just love the way Kelly describes winter in her blog! And I am going to try the recipe too! Thanks, Kelly!

dream make repeat

There is something delicious about a long streak of cold weather. I know some of you are groaning as you read this, but hear me out. I struggle, too, with day after day of January cold, but sometimes, the cold is beautiful. The January air often stings as you breathe it, but it makes you feel alive. Every cell in your body is at attention, every star in the sky seems to burn clearer and brighter, and it exposes the raw nerves of longing inside of us, causing us to draw inward.

At no other time of year does the earth cause us to curl up, to grip our tea and coffee mugs, to snuggle in deep. We crave warm foods and warm conversation. We burrow into our coats and wrap up in scarves and mittens. And through those acts, we realize our vulnerability. In winter, we cannot deny our…

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Ok, call me defeatist, but I KNOW it won’t happen. However, I am inspired by gingerhcolllins…( I enjoy words and all the different thoughts they bring about, so I am going to do words this year, just maybe (likely) not every day!

Today – OPPORTUNITY. This was actually my word for Saturday, Jan. 3, but I think it is a good place to start for this posting process. We have so many opportunities… boundless opportunity is there for us every day! There are opportunities that effect us and those around us in a positive way and a negative way. I hope to spend my time in the positive realm. How about you?

Above is a little childlike doodle regarding happy opportunities.

What is your word for today?

Off to a 2015 Start


Happy New Year…even a bit late!

Off to a new start for 2015 and back at the work table. Today I am making pillow tops and bags. These will be in my Etsy shop when they are finished…along with more that don’t show up here.

My goals for the year? Other than being the person I am meant to be? Well, I hope to understand more about the ins/outs of selling my wares on Etsy (or other means). Why? Because I truly love creating things, as noted by my header here! What will I do with all of them? Maybe support my habit!!!

If you have any words of wisdom or a blog to share on this subject, please let me know in the comments below! I will also unabashedly ask for some love here and on Etsy…and will also return the favor!

Here’s to the new year and success in all the forms it can take!