Christmas 2014 has passed!


We have all passed through the hustle and bustle of the holidays…some more chaotic than others. Let’s try to remember in the coming weeks, months and year that it isn’t really what happens on Christmas day, the presents under the tree or any THING we do that makes the holiday special. Those are all just that – things. It is the memories made, people remembered, love shared and actually, as a great holiday song says, it is “the Christmas things you do all year through!”

Happy Holiday Over…now let’s just be happy!

What do you see?

Look Deep

Good day to you!

So, this blogger with the chaotic work room found a spot to create the image above. As with most layered, mixed-media art, it evolved from a plain board to a simple pattern of squares and rectangles to this.


My eyes may be blind

or blinded by the light

or blinded by emotion,

but I can only see as deep as I look.

How deep do you look? What do you see? Do you see only what you want to see? Are you open to the possibilities of what might be there to see? Look deep!