Creating a Massive Mess

Just as a brief update today, you may notice some changes to this site…a new banner, updated pages with some contact forms, etc.

Yes, I DO love to create things, as the new banner says…


What all this does not show is what happens in the workspace of a creative…


You laugh or cringe, but there are six projects in the works on this table. Well, there COULD be one or two more hiding underneath something!


There are another two or three little things happening on my desk.

So tell me, is it just me? Or is it the nature of the beast in me that has too many ideas and not enough time? I call this blog and my shop “Facetfully”, yes, but should I try to be less fully faceted? Any encouraging critique welcome!

Seriously, it takes lots of time to be me. And my hobbies are time suckers too! And guess what else, I am not complaining! My husband might not appreciate the mess, but we are fortunate that I have a room for all this stuff. He also says “it keeps me off the streets!” He is so sweet!

I do get this all in order on occasion…but in the meantime, I will just keep on keeping on. Let’s see, shall I paint, sew, glue, quilt, take pictures, blog, or work on websites next? Good question, but I am sure it will be one of those…or something new to try out! And just maybe, if the room is clean, I will put up a story about that too one day.

Happy crafting to my crafting friends!

12 thoughts on “Creating a Massive Mess

  1. I think creation is a little messy its nice to know I am not the only one! I agree with being many faceted, creativity is not limited to being an artist, a sewer, a crocheter – I am all those things. Sometimes I feel like those weather vane people – rather than popping out when its raining its more like who is going to appear today – the painter? The writer? or the baker?

    Like you I also do many things at once, I find that I get to a certain point in a project and I am not sure how to continue – it needs to sit sometimes – then I will pick it up again. (it took me a year to do a painting – I am still doing it, I shall pick it off the wall and add a bit soon I am sure).

    Its so good to have this ability to connect with like minded people – thanks for sharing your workroom, its made me feel more accepting about mine!


  2. I too am glad to have a ‘craft room’ to contain most of my projects. Even better, it has a door that I can shut to hide the chaos inside. It’s a good thing that our completed craft items are not required to include a photo of the messy production process–that part that satisfies our inner urge to create something.

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