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As I was posting a new category to my Etsy shop… … called “catchalls”, it made me think about that word. First, I would have to check if Webster has deemed it a real word yet. Second, we all have them and all use them:  pencil holders, paper clips, jewelry, safety pins, business cards, computer wires and gadgets, buttons…and this is a short list of what I see from my desk chair right now!  Maybe we don’t really need them, because we have so much stuff and should clean up, but I find that every time I do that I end up missing something I got rid of!

The thing that really spoke to me though, was the third thing…our heart is our biggest “catchall”!!!! Everything seen, touched and experienced in any way filters through our hearts. It is our choice where it goes from there. There are many things that I hold dear in my “heart catchall” and would not want to clean them out! The negatives that run through there, well, I try my best to let them go to make more room for the positives.

tiny heartI hope your “heart catchall”l is full today!

2 thoughts on “Catchalls

  1. I seem to have all sorts of ‘catchalls,’ most of which are quite full. Thanks for reminding us about the best catchall of all… our hearts. That’s the one I want to focus on filling with precious one-of-a-kind treasures, to be held close, reviewed often and shared freely.

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