Fall Through My Window

Fall Window

No, I have not fallen through my window, but I do love looking through it!

As I work in the kitchen, there are so many things that inspire me…right now, I just love the fall leaves! On the trees, blanketing the ground and whispering and rustling, they remind me that everything is in a constant state of change. I am pretty sure I would not want to live where the seasons don’t change.

Though not in this picture, there are often deer running through the yard and hopping over the fence so gracefully. A bunny has his dinner while I prepare ours every evening…we watch each other. Birds love the feeder, though right now I see it needs to be filled…again! That is fine with me.

What a wonder and joy that there is so much just outside this window where I stand every day. I am grateful!

3 thoughts on “Fall Through My Window

  1. We, too, spend time watching out our window, tho’ it’s usually the bedroom window where we sit and enjoy our beginning-of-the-day coffee. Regular animal visitors have been named, and we notice when they’re absent for more than a day or two. The parade of colors is like a peek at our Creator’s paint palette, changing from day to day and season to season. We are most blessed!

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